Industrial Structures

Industrial Structures

Industrial Structures

For any number of business applications, YeadonTM air supported domes and industrial structures provide large, clear, free-span areas for maximum usable floor space with a minimum investment.

Industrial and commercial firms look to YeadonTM to solve storage problems, as well as for protection from weather related concerns.

Environmental companies use YeadonTM commercial domes to enclose partial or entire remediation sites, enabling 24-hour operation and climate control, as well as encapsulation of airborne emissions. Which makes YeadonTM bio domes the ideal solution for bio-lagoons, clarifiers and settling basins.

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A YeadonTM commercial dome can also be the ideal enclosure for warehousing, storage, manufacturing and processing and for covering construction sites against harsh weather conditions.

The domes are completely reusable and can be relocated to another site if required. And each air supported structures can also be designed to provide superior environmental air handling.

Satisfied YeadonTM industrial clients include:

  • E.D. Smith
  • Canadian Home Products
  • NCR
  • Williams Bulk Transfer and Hydro Quebec to name just a few.