Outside Course

Outside Course

A Yeadon™ golf dome provides the largest clear span area for indoor practice. In addition to multi-tiered driving ranges, many of our customers have also included things like 18-hole miniature courses, restaurants and bars and batting cages inside their air-supported structures.

To generate even more additional revenue, many of our customers have utilized their spacious Yeadon™ golf domes for football, softball, lacrosse and soccer training. And thanks to the factory-installed protective netting that ensure a long life for the structure’s inner liner, the dome will support these activities for many years to come.

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Yeadon™ has two specific designs available for gold domes:


The Airena® dome is the most cost effective and versatile dome manufactured by Yeadon ™. Available in widths from 140’ to 180’ with an overall length to suit the site, the height of these structures usually ranges between 60’ and 80’.


This larger dome offers widths available up to 360’ with an overall length to suit the site. The height on this style dome usually ranges between 75’ and 100’.
Stress relief cables spaced at 10 feet to 15 feet centers along the length of the structure, enabling the dome to offer an extremely large clear span. The Canadiana style also differs from the Airena® in that it has rounded ends instead of square ends.

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