Thirty years ago, the City of Waterloo, Ontario asked Yeadon™ to replace the roof of a condemned wood frame hockey arena with an air supported fabric structure, while retaining the remainder of the structure. To accomplish this, a new concrete perimeter grade beam with Yeadon’s™ exclusive extruded aluminum channel cast in it was poured. As a result of this very cost-effective solution, Waterloo was able to continue to operate this facility for an additional 14 years.

In 1995, the Humber Valley Hockey Association asked Yeadon™ to design a weatherproof air-supported dome to cover one of the city’s many refrigerated outdoor ice surfaces. Within three months of the order date, a 105’ wide x 200’ long x 31’ high air structure was installed and operational. The final results were beyond everyone’s expectations. The Yeadon™ dome provided a bright and cost-effective clear-span cover for ice sports which extended the income producing season significantly.

Yeadon™ domes are the perfect solution for increased participation, recruiting and revenue. Contact us today for additional information.

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