Yeadon Innovation

Thinking outside the box to create the best domes in the industry

At YeadonTM, “Innovation by Design” means a corporate-wide focus on implementing the latest technology to better meet the needs of our customers.

To do that, we first have to know what those needs are. That’s why we listen so attentively to what our customers have to say. Then we challenge ourselves to find a solution that not only meets their requirements, but also exceeds their expectations.

It’s this kind of innovative thinking that has led to our Combination Mechanical System that provides the most efficient and reliable means of maintaining an air-supported structure. We’re also very proud of our anchoring system, which is the best in the industry, as well as superior insulation capabilities and our “best of its kind” Wind Sensor that enables our customer to efficiently manage their air structure.

YeadonTM Warranty Guarantees Satisfaction:

Materials and workmanship employed in YeadonTM fabric structures have a warranty period of three (3) years against defects in workmanship and materials. Fabric warranties are ten (10) year, pro-rated for maximum protection. Fifteen (15) year pro-rated warranties are available on the premium fabrics. Mechanical heating and electrical equipment warranties are one (1) year for parts.

Other YeadonTM innovations include:

  • YeadonTM structures meet and exceed industry standards including: Air Structures Design and Standards Manual ASI, ASCE, CSA CAN-S109, and NFPA 701, and are accepted by most building codes for permanent and temporary uses.
  • R-Plus Insulated Air Structures are available to reduce energy costs
  • YeadonTM uses only the highest quality fabrics for maximum lifespan
  • Dielectric welded construction gives maximum strength
  • Wide span structures are designed with a cable reinforcement system for added strength and stability
  • The anchoring system is airtight, low-cost and easy to install
  • All YeadonTM domes have both primary and standby mechanical systems
  • Revolving doors are strong, attractive, and easy to use
  • Emergency exits meet all building codes
  • Airlock passageways allow for easy access for vehicles and pedestrians
  • YeadonTM air-supported domes can be easily attached to permanent buildings
  • Tilt type or suspended lighting are the elite fixtures in sports lighting
  • YeadonTM air-supported structures are easy to operate and maintain
  • We provide technical support throughout the life of the structure