Anchor System


Every structure needs a solid foundation to keep it anchored and secure. At YeadonTM, our anodized, extruded aluminum channel anchoring system provides the most durable, cost –effective base attachment available.

As the fastest and easiest method ever devised for seasonal dome put-ups and takedowns, the YeadonTM channel anchoring system provides an airtight, water resistant seal – without penetrating the structure’s fabric thanks to an extruded, anodized aluminum channel cast into a concrete grade beam.

Yeadon’sTM recessed anchoring system uniformly transfers fabric stresses evenly along the entire length of the grade beam, eliminating specific stress points common to other conventional anchoring systems.

There are two recommended channel grade beam installations depending upon the specific application. The flush channel or standard channel is used for most structures while the recessed channel is used in larger structures. For details, see the pdfs below:

Flush Channel PDF
Recessed Channel PDF

Cables and Anchors

On wide span air-supported fabric structures with extra dynamic and inflation loads, YeadonTM uses a cable system with galvanized cable anchors cast into the concrete grade beam.

For greater integrity, the single cable runs continuously from anchor point to anchor point. The cables are linked to the structure membrane through the use of sleeves or cable guides and are available with a number of options that include corrosion resistant galvanized or PVC coating.

Replacement Systems

For replacement projects, YeadonTM can manufacture structures to accommodate other anchoring systems so that an entirely new anchoring system doesn’t need to be installed.

Give us a call and we’ll gladly inspect your current system, make recommendations for any replacements that may be required, and then custom manufacture a high quality air-supported fabric structure for your site.