Mechanical Systems

To save operating expenses in temperature-controlled domes, YeadonTM combination Inflation/Heating/Cooling/Standby Systems are designed and sized to provide exactly the right interior temperature and pressure with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Featuring all-in-one convenience, the indirect gas, oil, or propane-fired units may be connected directly to the dome, or through underground ducts for the quietest installation. And our sophisticated controls allow you to maintain a specific interior structure pressure while enabling manual adjustment to match outside weather conditions.

To reduce installation time and cost, a Gas/Electric standby system is also provided as part of the unit with all controls included providing a complete mechanical system for climate controlled domes.

Finally, to ensure there are no surprises, each YeadonTM unit is factory wired and tested prior to shipment. Start-up is supplied by YeadonTM Field Technicians. And every unit comes complete with drawings for the specific application, a complete installation and service manuals.


  • All-In-One Combination unit – lower installation costs
  • 80% energy efficiency heating unit
  • Stainless steel heat exchangers
  • Variable Pressure Control – reducing overall energy costs
  • Site-specific inflation systems for trouble free operations

Yeadon® Warranty

All of Yeadon’sTM mechanical heating and inflation equipment is warranted for a period of one year. YeadonTM performs the unit start-up providing the consumer with an initial 90-day parts and labor warranty