Wind Sensor/Snow Sensor

Designed for use in YeadonTM air structures, our proprietary Wind Sensor automatically adjusts the dome’s interior pressure set point, to accommodate for the outside wind speed, and weather conditions. All with the lowest possible energy costs.

The Wind Sensor Control can be installed on new air-supported dome projects or retrofitted to existing YeadonTM Air Structures.

Dome Wind Sensor Features:

  • The most up-to-date sophisticated controls available.
  • 7-day timer for nighttime setback offering pressure and temperature control to save energy
  • Status indicators for fans, burner, standby fan, air conditioning and interior pressure gauge
  • Manual override to allow for manual operation
  • Automatically adjusts interior dome pressure to maintain correct dome stability
  • Automatically increases fresh air intake to assist the standby fan, during pressure loss.
  • Dome Wind Speed Indicator can be mounted to the top of the dome or a nearby structure of equal or greater height.

Upgrade options available: monitoring from a remote location, alarm notification to pager, cell phone, or PC, 24-hour status report printout, and Incorporated Dome Snow Sensor protection.