Blog: Dome Stories

From driver to driven

“We had kids in sports. That meant a lot of time driving to facilities.” That’s how Bill Kindra of Quad Indoor Sports recalls thinking about investing his time and career into a business plan for a sports facility. “There were no facilities in northern Chicago. Some gyms. But no geographically convenient spaces,” he said.

So a business plan evolved: Take a shortage of facilities – add in a surplus of athletically inclined youth and adults and what’s that equal? A versatile, multi-sports facility could make good business sense. Quad Indoor Sports opened its doors in January 2016.

Playing soccer inside a sports air dome

Crunching the numbers

“We felt sure this would be financially viable,” Kindra said. “And it’s much easier to build a fabric structure than brick-and-mortar from scratch. The economics of an air-supported dome won out. It’s more cost-effective.”

Kindra and his partner took the design of their dome seriously. The interior was upgraded to a sunny orange color, LED lights were added and so were glass wall partitions. The goal was to make sure Quad Indoor Sports is bright, welcoming and a recreational home for many.

A busy dome

Soccer club practicing inside an inflatable sports dome

The Evanston facility draws from a radius of 10-12 miles. And the response has been positive. “Everyone loves it. We got tremendous support from city hall and the public. Just great support from Evanston,” Kindra said.

Winter is the Quad’s busiest season. However, the dome’s a popular summer place too. The facility stays open until midnight so it can host late-night softball, soccer and even cricket games.

“The need for an indoor facility was pretty high in this area,” Kindra said. Thanks to an entrepreneurial spirit and a solid business plan for a sports facility, the wide-open Quad space welcomes residents with open arms.

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