Blog: Dome Stories

Sealing the deal

“Most builders think about how they’re going to put up a building. With a dome, it’s all about holding it down,” says Steve Flanagan, of Yeadon Domes.

Containing a gargantuan volume of air requires a secure attachment system at the base. Yeadon innovated and developed a unique, extruded-aluminum base anchoring channel for this job. Embedded into the concrete grade beam during the pour, it holds the anchors and cables for an airtight vise grip around the dome’s perimeter.

Grade beam for an inflatable fabric dome

“Innovations allow our clients to change from full-field use in the summer to covered in winter without losing playable space,” said Flanagan.

Yeadon has devised techniques that create airtight perimeters resulting in less air leakage and more energy savings. Along the way, they made some other discoveries.

Less dirt

  • Grade beam excavation is minimally disruptive, preserving existing features like paved tracks
  • Variety of pier systems also minimizes soil disruption
  • Drainage integrated with grade beam

The Lockdown

  • Anchor and cable system countersunk in channel, not exposed to weather
  • Airtight seams enhance energy efficiency
  • Anchoring system is progressive


  • Fitted plates cover grade beam and anchoring system, protecting them from weather
  • Plates sit flush to ground surface, preventing trip hazards
  • Wood blocking preserves channel when dome is removed