Intro to Domes

Land + Permitting: Air Dome Construction Prep

Domes can be used to cover an existing court, pool, turf field or concrete slab. Or they can be incorporated into a new site. Before any air dome construction project can start, preparations need to be made to the site.

An air dome construction project requires preparation

Permitting We have a deep knowledge base regarding inflatable dome construction – including unparalleled expertise on building codes and compliance. We’ll work with your design team throughout the permitting process.

Utilities Excavation and preparation must be made to accommodate electrical, natural gas and plumbing services.

Grade beam A primary component of a dome’s anchoring system, the grade beam requires ground excavation and a concrete pour.

Surface Interior surfaces can be concrete, artificial turf, an athletic court, or pool.

Adjacent areas Pads must be poured for entryways. Parking lots may be required. A concrete or asphalt walkway may be required around the dome’s exterior.