Intro to Domes

Covering Outdoor Space: Play Year-Round

An all-season or seasonal dome can cover a tennis court, a driving range, a soccer field, a baseball diamond and more. A climate-controlled, all-weather dome means your investment into athletic space can pay off year-round — instead of just half of it.

An all-weather dome gives mother nature a time out

Players’ skills won’t decline because there’s no access to a regular practice facility. Scrimmages or games won’t be canceled due to weather. Plus, all-weather dome rentals bring in revenue. In fact, many Yeadon domes have paid for themselves within a few years.

Covering your assets with an all-season dome

All-season dome covering existing turf

When turf fields, courts or other athletic surfaces are already in place, you’re more than halfway to a year-round facility. The Yeadon design team will show you how a dome will fit the site to maximize your investment.

Plan ahead

Plan ahead for an all-weather dome

During design and new construction, you have a unique opportunity to maximize your investment, and the Yeadon team can show you how. This is the most cost-effective time to plan for an air-supported structure whether it’s installed right away or years down the road. Either way, make sure your architects and builders create outdoor athletic facilities that are dome-ready.