Intro to Domes

Dome design: Think inside the bubble

Domes can contain millions of cubic feet of air. So go ahead. When you create your indoor sports complex design, think big. The clear trend in dome design is for multi-sport use.

Yeadon's team will help with you indoor sports complex design

Indoor sports complex design made easy

Call Yeadon early in your planning phase. We can help you with:

  • How the facility will best be used
  • How much space you’ll need
  • How to plan for applicable building and fire codes
  • What financial return you can expect

We’re experts at indoor sports complex design and have worked with hundreds of architects, contractors and communities. We bring the deepest design experience available in the industry to your dome project. We’ll help with all your decisions about layout, site planning, dome features and more. Once these determinations have been made, and site preparation is completed, it’s only a few short months before the dome is on-site and operating.