Intro to Domes

Athletic Domes: Everyone Plays more

Everyone needs more play time. Whether it’s football or Frisbee, soccer or swimming, golf or tennis, there are a lot of ways to play. An inflatable sports dome is the most cost-efficient, design-flexible structure to cover all these activities – giving everyone a way to play more.

The lowdown on an inflatable sports dome

Air-supported structure Pressurized air supports a fabric dome’s structure providing unobstructed, wide-open play space free of support posts and structural framing.

Cost-effective Without costly building materials such as lumber and steel, an inflatable sports dome is typically a fraction of the cost of brick-and-mortar buildings.

Design flexibility A Yeadon air dome can be configured to cover all regulation-size fields and can be designed to accommodate multiple sports in the same facility.

Covered activities Domes can be built as temporary seasonal structures or as a permanent sports complex. The option of having an indoor, temperature-controlled climate provides safe practice and play year-round.

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More playable space

Yeadon’s wall design maximizes the available interior space. Perimeter walls lock into the anchor support system at close to 90 degrees - allowing additional usage.