Intro to Domes

Types of Domes: Inflatable Soccer Domes

It’s considered the world’s most popular sport and nearly 9 million U.S. children and teens agree.

Countless soccer moms, dads and athletes can relate to attending games or practices in chilly weather. Or even worse, wet conditions. Covering a field with an air-supported inflatable soccer dome ensures that practice and play conditions are dry, safe and comfortable.

Girl practicing soccer inside an inflatable soccer dome

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Soccer club practicing inside an inflatable sports dome

Stakeholders looking to dome suppliers to cover a soccer field with a seasonal or year-round sports dome should consider expanding their design concepts. An inflatable soccer dome over a regulation-size field means year-round practice and play. However, expanding the width and length of the coverage area means the space could be used in many different ways. For instance, it could support practice areas for other field sports like lacrosse or even house a full football field or walking track.

Multi-use facilities make good business sense because they increase a dome’s potential revenue streams. more