Intro to Domes

Types of Domes: Tennis Air Domes

Soccer may be one of the most popular sports in the world, but the love-love affair with tennis isn’t far behind. As a non-contact, individual sport, the game lends itself to lifelong play for an individual. Tennis courts in parks, at schools and as part of country club amenities serve all ages and walks of life.

Whether it’s improving a serve or a stroke, consistent practice at a tennis club builds skills and abilities. Covering courts with an air-supported tennis court bubble ensures there is year-round play and no interruptions for schools, municipalities and private clubs.

Netting Additional Profit in a Tennis Air Dome

Yeadon can build a seasonal tennis air dome attached to a permanent structure or as a stand-alone indoor tennis facility. A Yeadon tennis dome often includes additional features and amenities to increase revenue potential:

  • Retail sales and pro shops
  • Classroom space
  • Banquet halls and party areas
  • Walking tracks