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Yeadon Service Plans

Service plan dome inspection

Extend the life of your dome

Yeadon offers service plans to ensure your athletic dome operates at peak efficiency. Service plans can also help train your team and can even extend the life of your dome. With a Yeadon Service Plan, you’ll have a partner committed to the success of your dome, whether you operate a seasonal or year-round facility. You can simplify put-up and take-down and guarantee your dates across the years of your service plan.

Advantages for new dome operators:

Dome exterior

There is no better partner to help with your dome than the people who manufactured it – especially for new dome operators. We know and understand how domes function, and we can offer our insights and expertise. A dome is very different from a brick-and-mortar athletic facility. Domes are designed to be flexible and move with the wind, and managing a seasonal dome is different from operating a year-round facility. A service plan allows you to get access to our expertise, get help with inspections and installation, and to lock in dates for the put-up and take-down of seasonal domes.

Advantages for existing or experienced dome operators:

Aerial view of an existing air dome

A Yeadon service plan allows existing operators to lock down service dates for inspections, installations and take-downs. A service plan also provides access to our expertise through our service technicians. In addition, Yeadon offers service plans for domes from other manufacturers. Whether you purchased from us or another provider, we can provide insights, inspections and installation to help ensure your dome lasts as long as possible.

We offer three types of service plans:

Basic Plan

Includes spot inspections during put-up and take-down. Any follow-up repair costs are quoted separately. Offered as an annual contract only. Upon signing a contract, you can lock in your dates after Preferred Plan and Priority Plan holders on a first-come basis.

Preferred Plan

Includes put-up and take-down, plus one additional visit for annual inspection, team training and repairs.* Three-year term subject to annual increases not to exceed 3%. Lock in your dates after Priority Plan holders.

Priority Plan

Provides best-pricing and priority date selection for inspections, put-up and take-down. Includes one annual inspection and team training on-site at your dome, and if needed, one follow up visit for repairs.* Includes a 24-hour cell phone hotline to a dedicated support technician. Offered only as a Three-year term with fixed pricing.


With good management, annual inspections and regular maintenance, a dome should last for 20 years or more while standing strong through inclement weather conditions and storms.

Contact your Yeadon sales representative and ask about our various service plan options.


Dome Inspections Include:

  • Outer Membrane
  • Inner Liners
  • Insulation
  • Lighting – Light Levels
  • Pressure Tubes
  • Door Operation, Gaskets, Curtains
  • Grade-Beam and Wood
  • Cables, Anchors, Cable Guides
  • Netting and Accessories

Replacement Parts May Include:

  • Membrane and Liner Material
  • Grade-Beam Wood
  • Door Hardware, Gaskets
  • Pressure Tubes
  • Lights
*Repairs include replacement hardware, parts and labor up to the amount listed in the contract.

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