Facility Upgrades: Staying on top of Trends

You don’t hear too many folks bragging about their flip phones. Most people upgrade to a smart phone at some point.

Like any building, a dome benefits from periodic upgrades. Forward-thinking dome owners budget and plan for them. Besides replacing the fabric, there are innovations in design, mechanical systems, lighting and automation. Some upgrades can even improve energy efficiency and save money on utilities.

Lighting with protective cages inside a fabric air dome

R-Plus insulation Optional R-14 insulation is available for year-round domes, helping to increase energy savings and preserve air temperatures.

Lighting Upgrading to LED fixtures will save energy and extend bulb life. Utilities and power companies often offer incentives and rebates to facilities that switch to LED lighting.

Mechanical equipment Upgraded HVAC equipment is more energy efficient and offers more “smart” technology features.

Dome reconfiguration The size of a dome can be altered. Doors can be added, moved or removed.

Dome relocation  Talk to our team prior to selling, buying or relocating your dome to determine feasibility.

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