Why a Dome?

A Dome as a school sports complex

Youth sports have grown by 55% since 2010. We place a high value on athletics in our nation’s schools to teach teamwork, discipline, social skills, sportsmanship and physical fitness. Sports help kids grow and mature.

A good program needs year-round access to an indoor sports complex. A Yeadon athletic dome is a low-cost school sports complex that provides year-round athletic space to communities across the country.

Lacrosse practice inside a school sports complex dome

Low-cost Domes are a fraction of the cost of traditional brick-and-mortar buildings. On campuses with middle and high schools, the cost and maintenance of a dome can be shared. A school system can even generate income by providing rental space for community events or league sports.

Safe & convenient A domed facility at school means kids aren’t commuting to other facilities. Domes are a climate-controlled indoor sports complex and are well-lit, making them safe for practice and play without leaving school grounds.

Skill development Great athletes and great programs are built during practice. A Yeadon dome provides a consistent environment and enables set schedules. A place where teams can focus on playing their best.

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